The whole world is going through turmoil due to COVID 19 outbreak. It is unprecedented and right out of the nightmare of our civilization. Human nature is social by default hence one of the biggest threats that emerged from COVID 19 is the restriction on our social behavior. Art is always the best medium to handle enormous psychological pressure and obviously, its time is now. We are a boutique canvas art shop and we did our part of research to help people in a better way. Here are some good reasons to add a few canvas arts here and there to keep you motivated.

Why Wall Art?

According to the mental health organization, UK:
“As the number of people with long-term conditions increases and with an aging population who may experience high levels of physical inactivity and social isolation, innovative and effective treatments are needed, more than ever! The arts seem to have an important role to play in this – through offering help, promoting well-being, and creating a space for social connection.”
Wall art can be a great reminder of the world outside your home to keep you emotionally connected with society. From the perspective of the current situation, with most of the population is stuck inside their homes, our self-assurance of community support is getting weaker day by day. A positive quote on the wall, a canvas art with some meaningful words can help you stay strong and motivated to handle challenges ahead.

How Art can help you?

There are so many benefits of adding artwork to your home. Art works like therapy and can contribute to greater emotional wellness, higher self-esteem, and better quality of life. Even if you’re not quite ready to grab the paintbrush or charcoal just yet, you can try adding a few canvas arts, posters or wall arts for some inspiration.

Best places to hang Canvas Art?

Before COVID 19, the best place to hang canvas art was the Living room or space above the bedhead (just to show their collection to their guests). But now, you are not going to have a lot of guests. Actually, less is better. So, we will recommend a canvas art in the bathroom or powder room, another one at the dining table, and one or two at your study/work station. A person feels very self-centered in these three rooms. 90% of people solve their emotional issues inside the bathroom. 87% of people tend to talk with themselves while working on computers and 75% of people usually think about social responsibility and appearance at the dining table. Canvas art at these corners can fill the void of an emotional guide. Another potential space inside the house is the wall in front of your bed if you can manage to put a collage of wall art there. A single portrait won’t work in the bedroom because of a lack of versatility.

Most suitable color themes

Colors and emotions are closely linked. Warm colors can evoke different emotions than cool colors and bright colors can create different feelings than muted colors. It all depends on how the psychological effects of color are being used. Every color creates different emotions and feelings. Colors can make us feel happy or sad, and they can make us feel hungry or relaxed. These reactions are rooted in psychological effects, biological conditioning, and cultural imprinting. That’s why it’s important to understand the psychological effects colors might have on an average person as well as the fundamentals of color theory and the meanings of colors. The most suitable colors per room are given below:

Red: Gym, Workstation
Yellow: Dining Room, Powder Room, Kids Room, Living Room
Orange: Living Room*, Gym, Studio
Green: Dining Room, KItchen, Meditation Room, Terrace
Blue: Living Room, Bathroom, Study, Bedroom
Purple: Meditation Room, Yoga Room, Study, Studio
White: Everywhere
Black: Just in contrast and no more than 10% of surface area
Grey: Avoid
Golden: Just in contrast and no more than 15% of surface area

At Exclaire Lifestyle, we prepare our artwork with color sense. Our canvas arts, posters, pillows, and wall arts carry the same ideology.

What kind of artwork for each room?

This part is a little tricky and depends on your overall personality as well as many tiny factors coming out of your environment, past, career, and personal life. Take an example:
Wall art for the bathroom should be motivational and funny at the same time. So a funny canvas art should work. Well, it depends. Most xennials and Millenials prefer pop art or rapper art in the bathroom as it helps them to see life in a colorful way instead of gloomy grey. Where most of the single working mom prefer canvas art to be retro and balanced in text and white area as well as composed of light pastel colors.